April 18, 2010

What's Cookin'?

One of my biggest challenges in the past has been finding healthy recipes that still taste good. I want to share what we are eating and hopefully you’ll get some ideas for good recipes to try at your house.

As I mentioned before, each week I create a menu for the week and my shopping list. These aren’t always 100% healthy meals, but they are far better than processed meals in the freezer section! Here is my plan for this week.

Honey Mustard Chicken with Pretzel Crust (combining three of my husband’s favorite foods!)
Spring veggie bundle (to use veggies from my happy box…more on this to come later)
Dinner rolls

Mini tacos (these just look fun and cute)
Brown rice
Fresh fruit

Spinach & Ricotta Manicotti (a family recipe)
Garlic bread
Salad from the happy box


Friday is always a night out for the family. I’ve been cooking all week so I treat myself and the fam to a night out at least once a week. We enjoy this so much more after a hard week, especially if we haven’t been eating out all week.

This weekend we are super busy so I won’t be cooking, but usually I try to cook one other day of the weekend and finish up the leftovers before the next week.


  1. Hi Megan. I have another friend doing a similar blog, but she has the challenge of food allergies for her kids. You may want to check it out: http://www.cognizable.blogspot.com/

    As for reducing your grocery bill, my wife uses The Grocery Game web site. Its totally been worth it. We save at least 20% on each grocery bill. Check it out: http://www.thegrocerygame.com/con_What_Is_The_Grocery_Game.cfm

    Good luck with the blog and your 2010 mission!

  2. FYI - the honey mustard chicken with pretzels was fantastic! An instant family favorite and we can't wait to eat it again sometime.

  3. Mark - Thanks for the tips! I will have to check them out.