April 29, 2010

Herb Garden for Earth Day

After watching several cartoons on Disney and Nick Jr. Sunday about Earth Day, I wondered what we could do at home. I’m not one for just swapping out some light bulbs, we already recycle and I just wasn’t feeling inspired. Then, I checked out their website and found a great idea that also fits my own personal food revolution. The little one and I were going to start an herb garden!

After a trip to my local greenery for supplies, we spent the afternoon putting soil into cups, labeling each cup and planting the seeds (well, she lasted through labeling the cups and then got bored). I also made one for my mom for mother’s day, family and friends. What a great way to teach her about things that grow and have fresh herbs on hand for all of these new recipes I’m trying out.
The soil is in, the seeds are planted, the cups have been watered and now we patiently wait for some spouts.

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but never thought I would actually use the herbs. Hopefully pics to come soon of our little herb garden.
Happy belated Earth Day! What did you do to celebrate?

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