July 17, 2010

What's cookin' this week? July 19

It’s time to get back in the kitchen and whip up something good! This week I am making some family recipes. We are going to start the week off right with some smoked baby back ribs in the smoker. We are also going to have a delicious chicken stuffing casserole. I’m not a huge casserole fan, but this is definitely a family favorite. To make sure we get a little culture in our week, we are going to have a lasagna loaf and chimichangas, plus a breakfast for dinner night.

You would be amazed what yummy recipes your family members have. Plan a recipe swap with your family so you can share your favorites and build your recipe book. It’s fun to not only learn new recipes, but spend time with your family and learn what life is like in their kitchen. Send me your favorites too! Reader recipe week is coming soon!

So here is the menu for this week – quick, easy and healthy so you can own what your family eats one meal at a time.

Smoked pork baby back ribs (in the smoker)
Corn on the cob

Chicken stuffing casserole
White beans

Pancakes and eggs

Lasagna loaf
Fresh fruit salad

Mixed veggies

Appetizer night for the guys poker game

No menu would be complete without the recipes!

From the kitchen of Yakeroo

2 diced baked chicken breasts (or 1-2 cups of grilled, diced chicken breasts)
1 cup cream of chicken soup
1 stick butter
1 cup sour cream
¾ cup chicken broth
1 box stove top stuffing (chicken)

Mix chicken, broth, soup and sour cream. In a separate bowl, melt butter and mix with stuffing. In a 9x9 pan, put in half the stuffing. Cover with chicken mixture. Spread on rest of stuffing mix. Bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

From the kitchen of Aunt Mary

½ pound ground sausage
½ pound ground turkey
¾ cup chopped onion
½ garlic clove, minced
1 tablespoon parsley flakes
½ teaspoon basil
½ teaspoon oregano
½ teaspoon salt
Dash of pepper
6 oz. can tomato paste

1 cup creamed cottage cheese (ricotta in our house)
¼ cup grated parmesan cheese
1 egg

2 cans crescent rolls
2 slices mozzarella cheese or 1 cup shredded

In a large skillet, brown meat and drain. Add remaining meat mixture ingredients. Simmer uncovered 5 minutes
Combine cheese filling ingredients
Unroll crescent rolls and separate into 8 rectangles. Place together on cookie sheet, overlapping edges. Press edges and perforations to seal. Spread ½ of meat filling down center of dough lengthwise to within 1” of edge of each 13” end. Top meat filling with cheese filling. Spoon remaining meat filling over top forming three layers. Place cheese slices over top. Fold 1” ends over edge of filling. Pull long sides of dough over filling, overlapping edges ¼”. Pinch to seal. Bake at 375 for 20-25 minutes until baked through and golden brown crust.

From the kitchen of Aunt Lora

2 ½ c. shredded cooked chicken (boil thighs 20 minutes) or use grilled diced chicken cubes
2/3 cup picante sauce
½ cup diced scallions
1 teaspoon cumin
½ teaspoon crushed oregano leaves
½ teaspoon salt
8 flour tortillas (8”)
8 oz. Monterrey cheese (or Mexican blend)

Combine chicken, picante sauce, cumin, oregano and salt in sauce pan. Simmer 5 minutes or until liquid as evaporated.

Brush one side of tortilla with butter. Spoon 1/3 cup of mixture on unbuttered side and top with 2 tablespoons of cheese. Fold and place seam side down on 13x9x2 pan.

Bake in preheated oven at 475 degrees for 13 minutes or until golden brown.

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