January 28, 2012

February Menu Planned and Ready!

Woo hoo! I made it to month two and had time to plan out all of February! But this month, I wanted to take on something new. I’ve never really used my crock pot for anything more than keeping things warm at a party. This month, we’re actually going to use it to cook something. My goal is to use it at least once a week and see how it goes.

Why am I creating a whole month's worth of meals? I'm a busy mom, but I want to choose what my family eats. By planning out a month in advance, I won't get behind and take advantage of take out, I can take advantage of sales throughout the month and I can enjoy my time in the kitchen. I'm owning what my family eats one month at a time!

So here is the February menu.

January 30-February 5

Monday – Cola roast and baked potatoes (crock pot), veggies

Tuesday – White chicken chili, corn bread

Wednesday – Enchiladas, chips and guac/salsa

Thursday – Stuffed Shells, salad and garlic bread (using the shells I put in the freezer a few weeks ago)

February 6 – 10

Monday – Chicken Teriyaki (crock pot), veggies

Tuesday – Spaghetti, fruit, garlic bread

Wednesday – Believe it or not pork chops

Thursday – Margherita pizza

February 13 – 17

Monday – Stuffed peppers (crock pot)

Tuesday – Lime-poached halibut

Wednesday – Honey Mustard Chicken with Pretzel Crust

Thursday – Stir Fry

February 20 – 24

Monday – Chicken Tortilla Soup (crock pot)

Tuesday – Eggplant Parmesan

Wednesday – Stuffed tomatoes

Thursday – Marinated chicken and veggies

February 27 – March 2

Monday – Greek wraps with white bean hummus

Tuesday – Corn-stuffed pork chops

Wednesday – breakfast for dinner – omelets

Thursday –Mediterranean chicken (crock pot)

Check back each week for recipes and tips for making these quick, easy and healthy menus for your family.

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