June 24, 2010

Large Network Takes on Health Across All Platforms

I’m a bit of a Today Show junkie, but I found a new love for the show and the network this week. This week, the networks of NBC are focusing on “Be Well, Be Healthy” that focuses on what we eat vs. what we should be eating. Although many may see it as a publicity stunt, I think it’s much more. I’ve seen more and more companies across the country that are taking the lead and promoting healthy habits with their employees, educating their employees and even rewarding healthy behavior. From bonuses for exercising to free bicycle tune ups after reaching a certain number of miles that employees bike to work, employers are getting on board to help motivate employees to be healthier.

Sure, the cynic says that they are doing it because it helps lower insurance premiums, but it also improves productivity and typically enhances the overall work environment. Working together with peers to improve your lifestyle improves your health, your family’s health and helps you build relationships with co-workers that you might never have interacted with before.

As I mentioned, NBC is doing a series of reports on healthy eating and are providing tools to help families get healthier by giving them ideas. Check out this site for some great ideas for getting moving today.


I also came across an interesting fact while doing research at work this week. The GSA (U.S. General Services Administration) is often seen as a “landlord of the federal government.” They are pushing for healthier options in the workplace including food and fitness facilities. Some items on their list include new requirements for healthy, sustainable options for cafeterias and vending machines. They are also installing farmers’ markets on federal property! What a great idea! I would love to shop for my lunch and dinner at a farmers market during lunch. I bet you could learn so much! They also have signs throughout their buildings encouraging people to use the stairs instead of elevators. What great ideas and they are relatively simple to implement.

What is your company doing? How are they encouraging health and wellness for you and your co-workers?

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