May 10, 2010

A vacation from the kitchen

This week I am taking a vacation from the kitchen with the family in Colorado to celebrate my husband's graduation from his MBA program! YAY!

We are also celebrating Mother's Day. Happy belated mother's day to all the fantastic mothers out there who make such a difference in the lives of their kids every day. I hope to do the same with my little one.

Although we aren't cooking this week, I wanted to share an interesting article I came across. It highlights the 20 worst drinks and shows their equivalent in sugar or calories. It's pretty eye opening.

How many of these drinks do you drink? How much pop or mocha lattes, etc. do you drink in a day? How many gallons of pop do you think are consumed by your co-workers in one week?

OWN WHAT YOUR FAMILY EATS (even on vacation...)

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